Every organization needs to have a "Why, What and How". For us these elements are centered around preparing for the future and the rapid cahnges we believe will be coming to our society as new technologies evolve at an exponential pace.


"Because what you do is important"


"To inspire, inform and empower people through education, research and implimentation of new or emerging technologies"


Our plan is to develop research and development labs around emerging technologies and personal or professional development opportunities. We anticipate the overall jobs market will change dramatically in the comming years and thus it will be important to not only help people gain access and proficientcy in knowledege or skills but also to help them with practical applications and self generated pathways they can take to use these new abilities or inspirations gained through the process.

We believe in the open source and community commons principles. We will strive to further the cause of freely available information and technology through a transperant process. We will be working through both local and global communities of thought leaders and knowledge seekers to share information and bring new ideas into our focus for application in our daily lives.


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