Haven’t you ever wondered how google and some of the other big name companies are attempting to make autonomous vehicles? Well, a few months ago this really struck a chord with me and I decided to dive in deeper to understand how this is possible. The more I researched it, the more intrigued I became and wanted to run my own autonomous vehicle

While researching all this information on the web there were almost no stories on professionals talking about the process of building these well thought out machines from start to finish. In turn, I decided to write about my own encounters when it comes to building such a project. Over the next month or so, I will be continuously updating this blog with any progress I have made and any problems that arose.

In hind sight, my mission was to grow intellectually and fine tune my skills with the decision to design and make my own autonomous vehicle, but a lot smaller. By this I mean I went out and bought a remote controlled car that would eventually, through hard work, turn into a self-maintained system that would be able to drive itself.

With the use of the Business Innovation Center and their engineering lab, I started to explore the different options. When looking online, there was little information on how to start this project or really even how to go upon making an  autonomous vehicle. Do I just jump into the wiring of the toy? Do I need a sort of chip like computer to program certain functions? There were a lot of questions crossing my mind.

What I came to realize was that there are basic components for the prototype For example, there are two arduino fio boards and one raspberry pi., an existing 9 volt battery, rear motor, front steering motor, and sensory system.

Making a multi-processor car and cooperating system is the primary goal. Keeping the project affordable and resourceful is the seconoday goal

This prototype is not yet finished, but through writing about it I hope to share my experiences and story that will be of interest to any one reading. I will update this blog with forward and developing progress.

My intention is to create a way to commercialize my end result in a way that has not been done. I am well aware this technology already exists, but with creativity and a different approach, other opportunities will be formed.


Robotics is a fastinating field and the advancement of these technologies can have a profound impact on our society but we must be prepared for the impacts and consiquences of thier evolution. Here are a couple videos that explore real world examples of robotics used for military purposes we should consider and debate:

Great TED talk:

This information is a Technological game changer: after reviewing imagine the exponential effects this can have on our global society.

I just got back from a trip in MN and started checking my emails and information channels to find this. This was released while we were canoeing on the St. Croix river... watch the video since this could have a significant impact on our entire civilization.

This is rather mind blowing...

As technology continuously improves, it is clear now that there is no ceiling to what is possible in the future. Everything that was thought to be impossible is now starting to seem feasible through the use and understanding of the internet and computers. No one really knows what the future holds, but if the last decade is at all a sign, we are in for some huge changes.

Imagine a world where everything you use from your home to the exterior environment has some type of sensor that can pick up different pieces of data depending on the user’s preference. These sensors will be able to pick up any reading based on the way the apparatus or object is used and can continuously be updated in regards to the information one is trying to quantify. In other words if you like lights in a room at a certain brightness, the sensor will start to pick up on this and set accordingly. From the time a person wakes up to the time they fall asleep and even as they are asleep, a human can still be monitored.

As this blog is being written, monitoring devices that can be placed into anything and everything are starting to be developed while some technology has already begun to be commercialized. New products are becoming smarter and more efficient only because everything is becoming more personalized to your needs. Its only a matter of time until everything you do will be turned into data that will be manipulated into information for someone to analyze.

Over time everything in life will be so convenient from the coffee brewing on its own at the time one prefers to a wrist watch reading a person’s vital signs and making sure the body is healthy. The best part is, no one has to set the certain preferences since the Internet of Things will be constantly learning about everyone.

You might be wondering where all this information will be sent. Large corporations will most likely have full control over all the information that is being picked up by the thing a person is currently using. As this slowly creeps in, people will possibly fail to realize how much of their personal information is no longer so personal. Privacy might become a huge issue since majority of society is starting to already give out a lot of data that companies such as facebook and amazon have to interpret the user's interests through algorithms that are embedded into the application.

There is no doubt that one day the world will be ran by technology. A large percentage of society need some form of technology for their day-to-day activity. The only questions is if we will notice when everything about us can be seen by the public because for some of us, this already rings true. And if technology does eventually take over the world, will it be for the greater good or will a select group of companies or government have complete power over it.

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