Beginning on June 25th, the Business Innovation center will be hosting it's first coding academy. The Coding Foundry's goal is to prepare any student with interests in computer related activities for opportunities in the business world.

Through out a semster long program, students will be learning technical skills for developing software, applications and web sites. It will encompass all the technical training one needs to be successful in the jobs of tomorrow. "Our vision is to help fill the gap for businesses who are looking to find qualified programmers, but have come up empty handed because no one is teaching the necessary skills", says Chris Nielsen of CNP Integrations. We will offer hands on training targeted at building a solid foundation for web technologies or becoming proficient at computer programming. 

Find out how you can gain the skills to become a web site builder or software developer or online savvy professional by going to By joining the meetup, you will recieve all the latest updates and events that are happening so you never miss a thing!

SoCo Tech Expo began with a great start. The local robotics program got setup with their 1,000 gallon underwater robot interactive display through the Navy Seaperch. People were allowed to test drive some of the robots that were built for underwater use for a more hands on experience.

The ATMEL team was hard at work opening up their versatile mobile training center for visitors. On display in the tour bus was a plethora of next-gen ATMEL tech including AVR and ARM based microcontrollers, automotive and crypto solutions, microprocessors, Internet of Things (IoT) products, wearable devices, 3D printers, touch sensors and XSense. People were allowed to walk around and get inspired by staff demos, talks, and tours of the mobiel lab. One of the main attractions was the 3D printer producing print outs in front of all the visitors.

There were even some treats being provided by local vendors. All in all, it was a great turn out and people seemed excited about all the future possibilites

For more information about all the meet ups go to 



On Monday morning of June 15th many programmers and engineers of all ages gathered to be taught about the new technology that Atmel has created. Atmel technologies power the edge nodes that form the links between individual devices and the gateways that connect to the cloud.


We all set up with our computers, grabbed a chair and some desk space while inside the Atmel Tour bus to begin the training session. The participants were given sensors that picked up different readings from it's surroundings along with a guide to setup the software that still needed to be programmed into the chips.

Everyone spent the whole day trying to program the chips based on the manual that was handed out at the very beginning. Through out the process the Atmel team continued to walk around giving helpful hints to all those who needed it and explained the goal of what their work is suppose to accomplish. The sensors main function is to pick up specific readings based on the type of data an individual is looking to find and then turn it into useful information.

By the end of the training session everyone had completed the duties from the manual and expressed a deeper understanding of the technology. It was a fantastic learning experience to see the possibilities of what the sensors can be embedded into such as any appliance whether it is used in a household or needed in a business setting. The Atmel team showed great support and were very hands on, which made the entire training process very smooth.

On Tuesday, June 9th, at 6:30 p.m., around 30 members of the community showed of for the Grand Opening of the Toastmasters meeting in Fall River at Business Innovation Center sponsored by CNP Integrations. For many of the participants it was their first time getting acquainted with type of atmosphere that the toastmasters bring.

People began to show up a little after 6 to introduce themselves and have a quick taste of provided refreshments. Discussion among all the new and returning members started the event off with some engaging conversation before it was time for what everyone was waiting for. We then gathered into a rather large room for everyone to be seated and the Toastmasters to begin leading the group. Essentially, people were picked one at a time to tell a story about themselves during certain periods of their life, whether it was going on a vacation or purchasing a motorcycle for the first time. The speakers had to talk for roughly a minute about their stories while being assessed by one individual who was the note taker. Toastmasters is a great way for people to understand how well they do when talking to a large audience, but also knowing where they need improvement. Following the Toastmasters "Sample Meeting" format the entire night included between 10 to 15 speakers in all and everyone seemed to enjoy each other with smiles and applause for their efforts while on stage.


Toastmaster club could not of asked for a better start for the grand opening at the Business Innovation Center, which is the Centers first official training center event since opening their coworking space doors June 1st. The Toastmasters Club has been around since 1905 with the focus of teaching men and women in the community how to speak, conduct meetings, plan programs and work on committees. It has grown into an international phenomenon and we are proud to be given the opportunity of hosting it in Fall River. Being the first Toastmasters Club in Fall River, this is a great chance for community members who want to improve this important skill set. The proven curriculum of Toastmasters combined with the fellowship and mentoring is an amazing opportunity. Come meet others, indulge in some snacks and network your way around. We could not be more excited for what lies ahead.


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