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Average Bid (USD)
$40 / hr
Budget (USD)
$25 - $50 / hr
5 month(s) 27 day(s)

Project Description:

We are looking for experienced project managers and customer success managers to support our wide range of clients using Content Management Systems. You will need a deep understanding of CMS platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla. You will need strong people skills and be a detail-oriented task and content manager. Your organizational skills must allow you to multi-task and not lose sight of priorities and key objectives. You will be working with a variety of technical teams and interacting directly with clients. Often you will be translating and bridging the gap between mindsets and language barriers. Ultimately you will need to be a self-motivated problem solver and have a drive for high standards and project execution.

Hours of work:


Project Duration:

Over 6 Months

Skills Required:


Fall River MA

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Working over 9 years for the CMS and various fields related to the websites as well including Project Management

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$40 / hr
6 hour(s) per Day

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