One of the most sought after titles in recent times is being able to call oneself an entrepreneur. In reality, what is an entrepreneur, and is the historic title the same as it once was?

Many people in todays society want to call themselves entrepeneurs and work tirelessly for that title. They search endlessly for the next big idea or invention that could help them strike it rich and bring these individuals to the top of the charts. Sadly, it does not work that way. Many of the so called entrepreneurs that had the opportunity to do great things were presented these chances because they had the skill set required and they happen to be at the right place at the right time. For your business to be successful, there needs to be a want for the product or service that you are providing. 

Many great ideas are awesome in thought, but really do not apply to enough people to make a market out of it. Everything that is created needs to make life more convient for another individual in order to be valuable. Many people come up with interesting products that act as gimmicks and in the moment, people might find those items fun, but if it does not affect the persons life in any major way or enough for the customer to notice a difference they will not stay interested.

Entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs became successful because no one had ever really heard of a desktop computer for the basic user until he came along. Only hobbyist and professionals were able to work with computers because it was mandatory to know how to program if anything was to be done. Steve Wozniak happened to be working on a keyboard that could connect to a screen in real time and did not require learning a programming language and Jobs took notice. Even though Steve Jobs was not the real brains behind the making of the Apple computer, he was the mastermind behind turning it into a valuable product. He realized that many people did not know what they wanted and if people understood what could be done with a computer, it would change society. In this sense, he was a visionary.

Its not about what you make as an entrepreneur, its all about waiting for the right time. As someone who loves business, I understand that many ideas come to a lot of inspiring Entrepreneurs. If you acted on all of these visions that went through your mind, less than 1 percent of those businesses would come to fruition. One cannot go out looking for a probelm to find the solution,  but find a solution because they were not looking for a problem. 

The problems you face everyday in society are only so bearable until you find a way to improve them. Its not only your problems, but the problems that others come across and explain to you in great detail when they become truly frusterated. These are the times you need to act on a product or service that could fill a gap for the individual facing such problems. Because if that one person is facing a unique problem on a daily basis or enough for it to become annoying, imagine how many others are dealing with same annoyances.

This is where becoming an entrepreneur is key. You are the able body who can jump in and fill that gap and the best part is there is already a customer, the person who complained about the problem in the first place, ready to be served because they are the one who is in search for something better. This is why it is great to listen to other peoples problems. For one, it will make you out to be a good person by listening, but secondly, you also have to be a problem solver. Everything in society can become more efficient, your job is to find out how based off your needs and the needs of people around you.

Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what you need to do in order to become the best possible entrepreneur. Everyone has the abilities to do amazing things in their life time, it just depends if you are patient and can act on a thought or idea properly. Many people think that an amazing idea is the only way to become a successful entrepreneur. This is not true. The most important part of creating something great is by having a great processs and an exceptional team to lead you there.



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