On Monday morning of June 15th many programmers and engineers of all ages gathered to be taught about the new technology that Atmel has created. Atmel technologies power the edge nodes that form the links between individual devices and the gateways that connect to the cloud.


We all set up with our computers, grabbed a chair and some desk space while inside the Atmel Tour bus to begin the training session. The participants were given sensors that picked up different readings from it's surroundings along with a guide to setup the software that still needed to be programmed into the chips.

Everyone spent the whole day trying to program the chips based on the manual that was handed out at the very beginning. Through out the process the Atmel team continued to walk around giving helpful hints to all those who needed it and explained the goal of what their work is suppose to accomplish. The sensors main function is to pick up specific readings based on the type of data an individual is looking to find and then turn it into useful information.

By the end of the training session everyone had completed the duties from the manual and expressed a deeper understanding of the technology. It was a fantastic learning experience to see the possibilities of what the sensors can be embedded into such as any appliance whether it is used in a household or needed in a business setting. The Atmel team showed great support and were very hands on, which made the entire training process very smooth.

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