Our mission is to empower adults and youth with information and resources that can prepare them for a future impacted by rapid cahnges in technologies and economic transitions. To promote growth and economic opportunity for small businesses and entreprenuers while building communities of communities that enrich lives and impact social justice.

Why we do this:

It is important to empower people with economic opportunity and to support social/economic justice and equality. The most economically challenged communities will have the hardest time as the impacts of technological advancements transform future employment opportunities.

What we do:

We inspire, inform and empower people through education, research and providing hands-on experience with emerging technologies. We build foundations of new knowledge that can help people of all ages and backgrounds to excel on their life long personal and professional journey of learning.

How we do it:

We provide access to information, mentoring, creative collaboration space and skill building opportunities. We facilitate and offer learning programs, talent resources and a framework for delivering STEAM education. We foster professional development, personal growth, business networking, economic opportunities and promote entrepreneurship.


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