IMG 6938This is the fifth in a series of profiles on the Business Innovation Center team:

Parth Bhatt

Education: Ahmedbad Institute of Technology (Bachelor), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, UMass Dartmouth Computer Science

Q: How is it that you got involved in your field?
A: When I was a tiny-taught, I had an occasion to visit my dad’s bank  in Ahmedabad, in the year 1996. I clearly remember that visit cause it was the first time, I was introduced to the computer. I became fascinated with them and this fascination was so strong that when I started my high school education, I was determined to remain tagged to a computer forever. Working with computers is what made me happy and I turned this into a professional career in computer engineering.

Q: So banking got you into programming?
A: That visit got me interested but I was mostly interested in games at first.

Q: What are some of the goals you have your life?
A: After getting my Masters I want to become a project manager. I plan on working here in the States for a little bit and then, after getting experienced, I want to develop my own firm back home in India.

Q: Who are some figures in history that you look up to?
A: I’d have to say Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs.

Q: Those are two very different people. Why them?

A: Gandhi was a man of peace and tranquility. Intellectually, he educated me that taking the path of peaceful non-cooperation and 'Satyagraha' will give anyone iron will with true vision I admire Gandhi’s honesty, constructive use of anger, tremendous vision, innovation, creativity and selflessness.

Steve Jobs had an outstanding ability to think profoundly and make things truly basic and useful, constantly searching for the better ways to do things, persistent at keeping the things he found interesting.

Both Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs were able to associate with their followers through their leadership styles, which empowered them to execute their dreams of being effective pioneers. Both the pioneers were visionary.

Q: What’s your favorite book?
A: Wings of Fire: An Autobiography by Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen (A.P.J.) Abdul Kalam

Q: Favorite movie?
A: Three Idiots

Q: Favorite music?
A: Any instrumental music.

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