ed duganWe're excited to introduce our new BIC Media Labs director, Ed Dugan.

Ed has a strong background in community-based digital media production and a multidisciplinary background in broadcast, videography, digital media production, and social media and live event promotion. And he joins the team as someone who understands the future roll BIC Media Labs seeks to fill in the local community.

The vision for the BIC Media Labs is to find a middle path between commercial broadcast and guerilla smartphone media—the sweet spot between "commercial studio" and "garage band". Content today must be relevant, and quick to produce, but that doesn't mean we should throw out production values and just grab the nearest smartphone! The best content has both immediacy and quality, and it must be stylistically current and well-produced if it hopes to reach a wide audience. BIC Media Labs is a self-contained production studio that's not only professional but accessible to the wider community of digital multimedia and content producers.

In his own words: 

I am excited to be one of the Business Innovation Center's new staff members and I plan to become deeply engaged with the center's activities as its expansion is completed. As the center's Director of the BIC Media Labs, I plan to develop and expand our recording schedules and to include a variety of programming derived from multiple sources, including local businesses, clubs, organizations and arts collaboratives.

I intend to support and build upon our current programming, such as the “Full Steam Ahead” broadcast. I plan to include additional programming that might be of interest to local viewers, such as newsworthy items regarding Boston's South Shore. I will be pleased to support the BIC's efforts to benefit local organizations and businesses, by reaching out to them and including them in our programming, promotions and on-air local reporting. I will facilitate in broadening the BIC's relationship to the Fall River community by demonstrating goodwill to these organizations in all communications.

I am also looking forward to teaching workshops at the BIC. With a rich background and a diversity of skills, I am able to offer a variety of classes, including video production, graphic design and science applications; as well as crafts, exercise, theater arts and photography. The BIC is a proponent of community cohesion and unity. I plan to help to foster this vision, and to help to promote the BIC Café as a center of community vitality and our welcoming access point to the services the BIC provides.


We look forward to working with Ed and seeing these and projects take off. Stay tuned on Meetup for the next digital media production event and come give him a warm welcome!


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