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musicians perform outdoor stage visitors 82574 9631"Gig Grants Program" Help your local Musicians, Artists, Performers, and the ecosystems that support our artisan communities.

This is a time when we need to find creative ways to bridge to an uncertain future. It will be important that we come together and help each other find a path to sustainability and prosperity as many will need to shift directions in order to survive. It is highly probable that one of the hardest-hit sectors in our society will be our artists, entertainers, and hospitality providers.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, starting April 3rd from 7 pm till 11 pm (est), we will be hosting a series of open mic nights. This is intended to offer a virtual place where musicians and artists can present and share their talents. This will be a fundraising drive to collect donations to help our communities of musicians and entertainers.

We will broadcast live and invite musicians, artists, poets, painters, and storytellers to sign up and share. If you support yourself through the gig economy feel free to fill out a form requesting assistance based on your need. Some folks may have a greater need than others. We will then take all submissions and review them for distribution based on the level of need, the donations received and the number of applicants. All applications will be kept confidential and musicians will be able to promote their web sites and links for purchasing their recorded music.

We will be accepting donations from small businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues fighting to hang on.  Each donation of $50 or more will give them a spotlight to promote their efforts to connect with their communities and keep their businesses or establishments open to serve their customers.

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 Please share our links and invite folks to participate.

Musicians, poets, painters, artists, and storytellers -"Giggers"

Fill out our form to request a "gig grant".

Small Businesses and Sponsors


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