IMG 5461Hey, folks "when the going gets tough it is a clear indication that we must keep charging forward". The past week I have been setting my new home office and broadcast command center.  We have a lot of activities going on with the BIC, Our new virtual coworking, The VISOR Program, BIC Media Labs Streaming TV and a host of other stuff with CNP Integrations. It has been a major effort getting everything connected, tested and working correctly so I can respond quickly to our teams, members and collaborators. Here is a picture of the many systems to be used for producing our online programs and delivering support services in the coming weeks.

Please follow updates on our, website, Facebook, youtube channels and other social media as we announce new initiatives we are pushing out to do our part in helping folks get through this.

Please jump in and help where you can. Stay safe and stay healthy.

CLICK HERE to join us for our weekend open mic stream parties to raise money for musicians, artists, and performers.

BIC Virtual CoWorking

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If you are participating in one of our community outreach initiatives the ZOOM link above is the link for our public meetings.

Join our collaborative efforts to help us grow our communities of communities.



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