Robotics is a fastinating field and the advancement of these technologies can have a profound impact on our society but we must be prepared for the impacts and consiquences of thier evolution. Here are a couple videos that explore real world examples of robotics used for military purposes we should consider and debate:

Great TED talk:

This information is a Technological game changer: after reviewing imagine the exponential effects this can have on our global society.

I just got back from a trip in MN and started checking my emails and information channels to find this. This was released while we were canoeing on the St. Croix river... watch the video since this could have a significant impact on our entire civilization.

This is rather mind blowing...

As technology continuously improves, it is clear now that there is no ceiling to what is possible in the future. Everything that was thought to be impossible is now starting to seem feasible through the use and understanding of the internet and computers. No one really knows what the future holds, but if the last decade is at all a sign, we are in for some huge changes.

Imagine a world where everything you use from your home to the exterior environment has some type of sensor that can pick up different pieces of data depending on the user’s preference. These sensors will be able to pick up any reading based on the way the apparatus or object is used and can continuously be updated in regards to the information one is trying to quantify. In other words if you like lights in a room at a certain brightness, the sensor will start to pick up on this and set accordingly. From the time a person wakes up to the time they fall asleep and even as they are asleep, a human can still be monitored.

As this blog is being written, monitoring devices that can be placed into anything and everything are starting to be developed while some technology has already begun to be commercialized. New products are becoming smarter and more efficient only because everything is becoming more personalized to your needs. Its only a matter of time until everything you do will be turned into data that will be manipulated into information for someone to analyze.

Over time everything in life will be so convenient from the coffee brewing on its own at the time one prefers to a wrist watch reading a person’s vital signs and making sure the body is healthy. The best part is, no one has to set the certain preferences since the Internet of Things will be constantly learning about everyone.

You might be wondering where all this information will be sent. Large corporations will most likely have full control over all the information that is being picked up by the thing a person is currently using. As this slowly creeps in, people will possibly fail to realize how much of their personal information is no longer so personal. Privacy might become a huge issue since majority of society is starting to already give out a lot of data that companies such as facebook and amazon have to interpret the user's interests through algorithms that are embedded into the application.

There is no doubt that one day the world will be ran by technology. A large percentage of society need some form of technology for their day-to-day activity. The only questions is if we will notice when everything about us can be seen by the public because for some of us, this already rings true. And if technology does eventually take over the world, will it be for the greater good or will a select group of companies or government have complete power over it.

Many entrepreneurs think by having a great product or service in mind, that the greatest challenge is over. Most individuals fail to realize what it takes to make an idea come to fruition so it blows away the audience. The idea itself is not as important as the team building the actual product.

Entrepreneurs must have a team of people who are as interested in making the vision as the entrepreneur themselves. The reason for this is because there will be a plethora of unseen challenges that each member of the team will come across that will place that person outside of their comfort zone. The ones who are truly in love with the idea tend to persevere over the people who are there to capitalize on the possible value of the startup (not to say its not exciting for that one day when you realize your startup is worth millions of dollars). 

Now the question is how do you find people who show those great characteristics for team members? First, you need to know what types of skills you will need to accomplish the vision. At first there will probably be only a few types of skills that pop into your head. Over time though, that list will grow and you will constantly be needing to look for others, but as you meet more people, that job will become easier. Secondly, the people you do find not only need the skill sets you require, but also need to share your vision for what the whole idea accomplishes.

Many people will enjoy listening to the idea and maybe even give you some feedback. This doesn't neccessarily mean they are interested. Entrepreneurs must find others with the same passion and a great work ethic. If someone joins the team and is not showing the loyalty and focus that will be needed to push this idea to the next level the entrepreneur has to be willing to let that individual go and hope they find someone better. If that team member sticks around, that could ruin the chemistry between other members who do show the passion.

One way to tell if an individual has the drive to bring your startup to the next level is if they ever take the time to contact you to discuss the project. If the Entrepreneur is constantly having to get ahold of the person it is probably not worth the time. It is key to have a team that is equally invested in the startup.

Eventually, once the A-team has been assembled and has had time to bond, each member will be pitching their own entrepreneurial ideas that will help focus the vision. By then it will not be so much the entrepreneurs vision for the company, but the group as a whole from all the contibutions they have made physically and mentally. 

Once an entrepreneur has gotten to this phase where they have a team that is trusted, anything is possible. Even if a certain idea for a startup does not work out, new projects will arise giving way to a better start at a project with an already established group.

There are so many creative people out in the world, your job is to find them!!

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